About Us

About Us

To set the standard for research-backed, context-driven EDI, becoming the leading organisation in the behaviour equality field.

We bridge the gap between research, practice and employee experiences in EDI by creating spaces to encourage research, tools, and opportunities for organisations to understand their employees. Our approaches embrace fairness and make everyone part of the conversation. We continually learn as we challenge workplace inequality.

“Enjoyed learning about new concepts of EDI. Questioning what I thought I knew. Talking about EDI issues with someone who knows more about it than I do.”

University of Manchester

“The tone was relaxed and engaging to those who might normally be defensive. The explanations were clear and accessible. Good conversations were facilitated, which encouraged a change in culture.”

Bristol City Council

“Well delivered and enjoyable. It helped me check in with things I was already doing and be more confident moving forward.”

University of Sheffield

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